Did Your Yard Grow Into A Jungle?

Did Your Yard Grow Into A Jungle?

Get lawn mower & bush hogging services in Victoria, Goliad or Cuero, TX

When your land is covered in a thick layer of grass and weeds, it can feel like a lost cause. Luckily, GRND FX Landscaping LLC can remove the most overgrown vegetation with our specialized lawn mower. We provide bush hogging service to residential and commercial customers in Victoria, Goliad and Cuero, TX.

As part of our services, we'll attach specialized equipment to the back of a tractor and use our heavy-duty tools to clear out thick weeds and brush, returning your land to a useable state. This equipment is ideal for removing plants that are dead or too tall and thick for a traditional lawn mower.

Find out more about how our equipment can make lawn care easier and more affordable by contacting us today.

We can mow any size yard

The primary advantage of bush hogging is that it can be used on the largest plots of land. Bush hogging services are great for...

  • Fixing small residential yards that are overgrown
  • Controlling grazing patterns on large, open pastures
  • Reducing weed growth and improving plant health on farms

Our experienced crew can visit your land as often as you need to keep your plants under control. Arrange for routine lawn care services today to keep your land as healthy as possible.